Hillfort of Madakasira – History, Structure, Construction, Facts and much more

Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state formed on November 1, 1956, has a great history of monuments and in fact, has many monuments for tourists and locals to visit. Over time, many of the heritage structures of India’s past have lost their charm, but to this day they still represent magnificent architectural works. In this article, we’ll inform you about the hill fort of Madakasira.

Madakasira structure construction
Hillfort of Madakasira

Hill fort of Madakasira History

Madakasira Fort (Madakasira Fort) has a long history, similar to Simhagiri, with historical structures and caves, and the top of Singemoothi ​​Mountain (the face of a lion), which lasted 500 years. Seven gates were built to reach the top of Simhagiri.

Singemothi is a hilltop building that can only be seen in Madakasira but is not seen in Vijayanagara or other areas of the other empires.

Singemoothi ​​has four pillars on top of the mountain and a large bell that can detect the enemy even at a great distance. Historians said that the Madakasira dwarves worked with HariHara Raya and Bukka Rayalu to defeat the Mughal in 1336. King Malik Kapoor (Malik Kapoor). However, Nijam Ulk handed the Gooty and Mad-aksira fortresses to the ruler of Maratha Hindu Rao to assist him in the Cooperation in the Mughal War. His son Murari

(Murari) built attractive structures such as Singe-moothi ​​and Hinduraya wells and various temples. This fortress appears in different structures and has a vast space for visiting. The Lord Sri Ramalingeswara Temple was built closer to the top of the mountain, with a wide space and covering two pools.

Madakasira Structure

On the top of Rani Mahal, you can see horse stables, gymnasiums, and food storage points. The historian Ramalingeswarudu observed that the fortress seemed to have been built five centuries ago with the most arduous efforts of the rulers.

“It was observed that hard stones brought from adjacent hills appeared in each structure, and the concrete used in the structure still looked indestructible.” In addition, the fortress had many cave forms between the rocks.

In addition to the fortress on the mountain, the city of Madakasira is also part of the government, and the fortress is covered on all sides. When the king of Mysore, Hyde Ali, attacked the fortress of Shiraz in Madagascar for the second time, the temple of Lord Venkateshwar was built near the south gate of the fortress. The temple was incomplete. Mulari and his soldiers defeated Hyder Ali for the first time in 1764-65.

Satyanarayana, a teacher, recalled that Lord Garuda’s temple was consecrated twenty years ago. The lack of sufficient initiative caused many buildings to be destroyed, and even the steps to the top of the mountain were destroyed. “We celebrate this festival on all Shivratri. One devotee, Anjankumar, observes, but it is difficult for women to climb.

Madakasira Fort Government Measures

In view of 500 years of construction, the government plans to celebrate this occasion.

MLC Gundumala Thippeswamy said that he will celebrate the occasion on behalf of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. A park near the mountain has been approved. Two years ago, lighting installations were provided along the entire route to the hills. As part of tourism development, a cable path to the top of the mountain was also proposed.

Madakasira Hill Fort is called SIMHAGIRI Hill Fort because the hill on one side looks like a sleeping lion. Madakasira was heavily fortified under the control of the rulers of Thira, especially under the rule of Hira Vdaiyar. However, after the fall of Vijayanagara, it was taken over by the “Bijapur Sultanate” and then left to him with the Ratnagiri fortress.

In 1728, the Marathoners captured Madakasira, and in 1741, Morari Rao (Malaysia’s army general) captured Ratnagiri Fort and paid 8,000 pounds to it. In 1762, Haidar Ali of Mysore captured Madakasira, but two years later, his troops were expelled by Morari Rao.

Heydar caught him again in 1776 and demanded a 15,000 tribute to him. Failing, he sent the chief and his five sons to Seringapatam as prisoners. In 1799, Britain was reduced to British rule. The city is now a very important commercial center. The entrance to the fort, the two main fortresses, and part of the fortress still remain in the city except for the fortifications on the mountain.

They are under ASI. Part of the scenes of the movie “Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaza” was shot in this fortress.


And here we come to an end with this article about the hill fort of Madakasira. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and would want you to read articles on other monuments as well.

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